About Us

Safety Education for our Children

Magenu founded by Shani & Eli Verschleiser

After meeting with dozens of parents Shani and Eli Verschleiser decided to tackle yet another community issue. The Safety of Our Children. After much press relating to the topic Dr. Shani Verschleiser, AuD, LMSW decided it is about time our community implements this. Shani, a mother of three is on a mission to educate teachers, parents, and children about the topics of safety. THE SAFETY OF OUR CHILDREN IS OUR FIRST RESPONSIBILITY is the Magenu tag line. Shani and Eli Verschleiser stated, there are too many safety issues within the community, and no one has taken the correct steps to do anything about it.

Shani and Eli Verschleiser are very active in the Jewish community and each serve on numerous boards and committees. They have always believed in philanthropy and have founded Magenu in order to continue their family tradition of extensive giving to a broad array of youth, educational and other various philanthropic programs.

To date Shani and Eli Verschleiser have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars that have helped educate and support Jewish communities. In addition to providing the foundation with direct grants, they have also worked to organize volunteer efforts to benefit from their time and energy. As a fundraiser and businessman, Eli Verschleiser has also developed strategic relationships for Magenu with both national and local businesses.